Journaling is a writing practice that invites personal and spiritual growth. It is an excellent tool for increasing resilience and wellbeing.

I work with people who are experiencing overwhelm, crisis or troubled times, or who are feeling stuck in their lives. I help my clients to find meaning, purpose and a way forward, using a warm, grounded and gentle approach.

My areas of interest include:

  • Climate change. Journaling is an ideal space to explore eco-anxiety and eco-grief, and to consider one’s response to the climate crisis. With training in climate change coaching, and as a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, I help you to address this complex contemporary problem on your own terms.
  • Mental health: wellness recovery. I have lived experience of acute mental illness and recovery. Journaling helped me to survive a mental health crisis and it contributes to my resilience. I coach with empathy and understanding to support you in the nurturing of your mental health.
  • Bibliotherapy. Together we can create a bespoke reading list for your own personal development. Reading enhances the journaling practice and exercises the imagination. I am a well-read and resourceful coach who supports you in your focused reading.

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