about Julia

“I feel as if I were the guardian of a precious slice of life, with all the responsibility that entails.” Etty Hillesum

My mission:

to keep learning, always.

My strengths:

  • warmth, authenticity, imagination and perseverence
  • communicating ideas
  • facilitating transformational conversations

My training:

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas Coaching)
  • Inquiry-led Learning for Women (YWCA)
  • Facilitators Training: Inner Action Workshop (Rising Women Rising World)
  • Whole-Hearted Approach to Change (Common Cause)
  • Coaching Skills and Models (Advance Coaching)
  • Imagining the Future: Systems Leadership (IRISS)
  • Art of Hosting Advanced Practice (Art of Hosting Network)

My experience:

I am a wide achiever: my professional experience includes researching, writing and editing educational texts and software; running conferences and seminars; creating websites and developing information and communication networks; facilitating workshops; and setting up a business. My personal experience includes immigrating to Scotland from the US; raising a daughter as a single parent; and surviving/navigating the mental healthcare system.

What I would bring with me to a desert island:

  • the books of Jane Bowles
  • the music of Freakwater
  • a notebook and pen

3 thoughts on “about Julia

  1. HI Julia, delighted to see your new website, and can’t wait to read more. Hope you are well and hope to be in touch soon. In love and soul. xx


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