Life coaching is a process of inquiry and contemplation and (where useful) goal-setting and accountability.

I work with people who are experiencing overwhelm, crisis or troubled times and help them to find meaning and a way forward through the practice of soulmaking.

Soulmaking is a creative and empowering approach to the challenges that life brings us. It “isn’t about curing, fixing, changing, adjusting, or making healthy, and it isn’t about some idea of perfection or even improvement” 1  – rather it is about craft, growth and imagination.2

Soulmaking asks you to dig deep and take root. The poet John Keats 3 once wrote:

Call the world if you please “The vale of Soul-making.” Then you will find out the use of the world… Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a Soul?

I use bibliotherapy and journal therapy as the primary tools for this transformational work. Bibliotherapy uses tailored reading and journal therapy uses expressive writing to explore thoughts and feelings – together these practices enable you to cultivate your soulmaking and to navigate through troubled times.

Here are some examples of issues we may explore:

  • unblocking creativity
  • discovering purpose
  • developing one’s voice
  • handling transitions
  • trusting oneself
  • coping with crisis

Please see my qualifications.

1 Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

2 Steve Thorp, Making soul – a developmental path to consider 

3 John Keats, letter to his brother George, 21 April 1819