I love to facilitate workshops where participants can meet and share ideas and encouragement with one another. This autumn I will be running a selection of workshops online:

  • Journaling for friendship : A journaling workshop focusing on the gifts of friendship. Learn how a journaling practice enhances your friendships and brings them joy. 17 September
  • Journaling with the ancestors : Use journaling to explore the role of ancestors in your life and to celebrate the gifts that have come down to you from them. 29 October
  • Journaling with gratitude : A gratitude journaling practice increases one’s resilience and wellbeing, and helps to put life in perspective. 19 November
  • Journaling in the new year : Usher in 2023 with this delightful online journaling workshop. Gain clarity and vision for the new year ahead. 31 December

I will also be speaking at the Sunday Assembly in Stockbridge, Edinburgh on Sunday 2 October. All are welcome to attend.